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Supreme Protein Porridge Pure & Organic with Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder - 600g - RRP £15.99

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High in plant protein and fibre

Oats containing Beta Glucan shown to lower cholesterol

Source of Energy

Gluten Free

Dairy Free

No added Sugar/low in sugar

No sweetners or other chemical ingredients

For days when you need a little extra, these vegan protein oats pack a huge 20g protein punch in one serving. 

Made with the highest quality organic oats from the UK’s only Certified Gluten Free grower.

Gluten free. High in plant protein. High in fibre. Dairy free. Vitamins and Minerals.

What’s Inside?

A blend of gluten free organic oats and organic pumpkin seed protein powder. Unflavoured with a very mild nutty taste.

Oats containing Beta Gluten shown to lower cholesterol!  

High in Protein for muscle growth maintenance and repair!

High in Fibre!

Source of Energy!

No added Sugar/low in sugar!

No sweeteners or other chemical ingredients!


Add your fav warm milk for a classic chocolate protein porridge or cold for overnight

oats. Experiment and add to smoothies! Vegan nutrition at its best! Serving size 60g.


Organic Oats

Organic Plant Protein

Organic Pumpkin Seed Protein Powder

600g Pack

Gluten Free. High in plant protein. High in fibre. Dairy free. Vitamins and Minerals.

Dairy Free, Organic, No Refined Sugars, No Added Flavours, Vegan, High In Protein

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