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Coral Kids Toothpaste - RRP £6.95

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  • Cleans Teeth Effectively

    With the combination of Hydrogen Peroxide, Tea Tree, Spearmint Oils, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginseng, and Ginkgo, Coral White® may be the most effective and most natural toothpaste for cleaning teeth.

  • Fresh Breath and Whiter Teeth

    Brushing your teeth with Coral White® not only helps to prevent cavities, but it whitens teeth, freshens breath, and because of the unique whole food mineral complex from coral minerals and Xylitol, Coral White® actually helps to re-mineralize tooth enamel.

  • All Natural Protection

    The world’s only natural toothpaste, is formulated with Eco-Safe™ ionic coral minerals. Coral White® is perhaps the cleanest and most effective toothpaste available. due to poor diet, the pH of the mouth can shift and become too acidic, thereby causing cavities. Using Coral White®, which contains 86% ionic calcium and minerals from coral, will help shift the pH to alkaline and neutralize bacterial acids.

  • No Harmful Ingredients

    Coral White contains no fluoride, no artificial flavours or colours, no preservatives, and no sodium lauryl sulfate.

  • Suitable For Children

    There is also a Coral Kids toothpaste. Formulated with Ionic Calcium from above sea coral and Xylitol, this provides complete natural oral care protection for children, giving their mouth a refreshing clean.

More than just a toothpaste

Coral Kids' Toothpaste helps your child whiten their teeth and freshen their breath, naturally! With a combination of Spearmint Oils, Echinacea, Golden Seal, Ginseng, Ginkgo and Hydrogen Peroxide, Coral Kids' Toothpaste isn’t just a toothpaste, it's complete oral care for your child, providing a refreshing clean with immaculate results your dentist will be proud of!

  • Formulated with Ionic Calcium from Above Sea Coral
  • With Xylitol
  • No Fluoride Or Synthetic Preservatives
  • Whitens Teeth & Freshens Breath
Why Coral Kids Toothpaste? The key to healthy teeth is to maintain proper oral alkalinity and mineralization. Coral Kids is formulated with EcoSafeTM ionic coral minerals, and is perhaps the most effective toothpaste for cavity protection, whitening teeth, freshening breath, and shifting the pH of the mouth. And because of its unique whole food mineral complex from coral minerals, along with xylitol, Coral Kids actually helps to remineralize tooth enamel. Coral Kids (which contains ionic calcium and 73 trace minerals) contains no fluoride, no sodium lauryl sulfate. No toxins means kids can accidentally swallow this toothpaste with no harmful effects.
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