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SafeHouse - RRP £165.00

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SafeHouse WiFi Harmoniser

The Quantogram® SafeHouse plugs directly into any socket within your home, office or hotel to protect yourself and those around you from the Electro Magnetic Frequencies and Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMF/EMR) emitted from all digital devices and the effects of this such as electrical smogs.

Protects Against All Electrical Equipment

SafeHouse can protect against the EMF and EMR from electrical equipment such as, wiring lighting (especially fluorescent and LED lights), External WiFi signals, Bluetooth, wifi routers, TV’s and computers

Only One SafeHouse Needed for Protected Location

One SafeHouse can cover a whole house, or your office or your hotel room, providing the devices in the area you wish to protect and all on the same electrical circuit. l UK And Euro Plug Available We have the SafeHouse available as either a standard UK 3 pin plug or as a Euro 2 pin plug

SafeHouse provides protection for your whole house and office from various electrical smogs caused by Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMF). All electrical equipment, wiring lighting (especially fluorescent and LED lights), Bluetooth, Wifi, TVs, computers, and especially stronger digital signals from many sources.

Studies are mounting that all of this EMF is more of a risk to the general public than is generally known by that public.

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)
Harmoniser Wifi Harmoniser
www. QuantoGram com
The Safe House is an EMR radiation and Geopathic Stress
harmonizer programmed to neutralize the harmful effects of the
following earth radiation, bioplasmic, RF and EMF fields such as:
Smart Meters
Electrical Radiation
Microwave Fields from appliances &
Mobile Phone Towers
Fluorescent Lighting
Digital TV
Imprints from previous occupants' emotional distress &
Negative Psychic Impressions and attacks
Death Imprints, Spirit Lines & Paranormal Activity
Earth Magnetic Grid Lines
Water Veins
Earth Radiation from radioactive matter such as uranium,
coal etc.
Seismic Fault Lines
Beta Gamma from X, C & M-class Solar Flare Activity
All artificial sources of heating & cooling
Noxious resonance from mold & fungus
To operate: Plug the SafeHouse into any power point and turn on the power switch. If being used in countries
that do not have a power point switch, plug the SafeHouse
into the power socket and it will start to operate immediately

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Manufacturer GoodHealthNaturally
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