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SerraPet® 250,000iu Tablets 30 - RRP £19.95

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Contains 250,000IU Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that dissolves or digests proteins.

Serrapeptase Removes Dead Tissue and

Unhealthy Inflammation Provides safe and effective healing for a wide variety of conditions.

Used By Vets

SerraPet® is safe to take for all animals, including horses, cats and dogs

Supports Natural Healing

Once the inflammation is removed, the animal’s natural healing processes can function properly. Serrapeptase can contribute towards supporting the lungs, joints, tendon, cartilage and connective tissue.

Phthalate Free

Phthalates are plasticised coatings on capsules and pills that are used to help regulate the timed release of drugs. They are also used to deliver active ingredients to specific areas in the digestive tract where it is most useful for them to be absorbed. Our Serrapeptase enzyme range is free from phthalates.
Serving Size
1 Tablet
Servings Per Container


Take 1-3 tablets up to 3 times daily on an empty stomach. More can be taken if required

NameAmount Per Serving% DV
Serrapeptase 250,000 IU

♦ = Daily value not established

Other Ingredients

  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Mannitol
  • Vegetarian magnesium stearate
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