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SilverBiotics® Natural Whitening Coral Toothpaste 4oz RRP £16.95

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  • Natural Whitening Coral Toothpaste with SilverSol®

    Naturally whiten your teeth while cleaning and protecting them to promote healthy teeth and gums for up to 12 hours.

  • Uses Patented SilverSol Technology®

    It contains Silver content at 20ppm to help clean teeth and gums.

  • A Formula For Ultimate Dental and Mouth Care

    Above-Sea Coral Calcium helps to clean, whiten and re-mineralise your teeth.

  • Freshens Breath

    Freshens your breath with essential oils for a natural, winter mint taste.

  • No Harmful Additives

    Fluoride-free, No SLS, No parabens, No preservatives or colours, Gluten-free. Suitable for all the family.

  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Natural Whitening Coral Toothpaste

Silver Biotics® Natural Whitening Coral Toothpaste naturally supports gums and teeth. Above-sea coral helps whiten and remineralise your teeth. While SilverSol Technology® helps give your teeth and gums the ultimate clean.

It is suitable for use by adults and children.

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